The Spoon

Spoons have been around much longer than any other silverware. Many believe that the first spoon was

made out of a shell; sometimes they even attached wood or bone to the shell for a handle. Spoons soon were being

carved out of wood. In Ancient Egypt they made their spoons out of slate, ivory, and sometimes wood. It all depended

on how rich you were. Other ancient civilizations used bronze and gold for their spoons. The Greeks and the Romans

were the first to make spoons out of silver. Most of the spoons in the ancient times had a spike on the end of the handle,

used for the stabbing of the food. The spoon head shape and the flat handle of the spoon that we usedtoday was

devoloped in the17th and 18th century.
Slotted spoon
Soup spoon
Iced tea spoon
Grapefruit spoon
Dessert spoon
Salt spoon