History of Silverware

The very first type of silverware is the hand. There were no forks or spoons so fingers were the perfect choice. All food

was finger food. The knives they used to eat with were also the knives that they used to hunt with. Later they had begun

to use sea shells and ram horns for their spoons. Around the Middle Ages spoons and knives were considered as valuable

property.The spoons and knives were carried around in special pouches. As for the forks they sill used their hands and

the tips of their knives. When the Renaissance had started many people began looking for a more pleasurable life. This

soon included how they eat. They began to look at carving food as an art form. The silverware they had created during

the time between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance was becoming more ornate and lighter. They had begun to reform

the knife,its tip became more rounded and its handle became longer. The fork had soon taken over the stabbing role.

In the later centuries the silverware started to come in sets and was soon looked on as a decoration. Silverware also

became availed to all people.