The Forks

The first known record of a fork was in ancient Greece. This fork had two prongs and those prongs

keep the meat from moving when cut. In the11th century the fork was brought to Italy. The Italians in turn brought

the fork to France; the French slowlybegan toaccept the fork. Later an Englishman brought back forks form

his trips to Italy back to his wife. The English did not wantthe fork, for theywere happy eating with their hands. The

weatly of England accepted the forks and crafted much moreelegant forks to impress their guests. The first four

pronged forks were created in 17th century France and soon Gremany and England. America soon followed.

Salad fork
Dinner fork
Chip fork
Carving fork
Toasting fork
Dessert fork
Pastery Fork